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STEAKNIVES - Devil Inside - (WZ 003, LP)

STEAKNIVES - Devil Inside - (WZ 003, LP)

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The four knives propose a balanced mixture of punk 77, early hardcore and proto punk.

After their amazing EP, released on the american cult label Zodiac Killer Records, the band is comin' back!

On their debut LP these four criminals have very sharp knives, 11 razor hits straight in your face!

If you like Angry Samoans, Consumers, Fear...this is a 'must have' for your record collection! Fleshy cover!

Produced by Danilo Silvestri (Giuda, Silver Cocks, Transex...)

review: www.razorcake.org/record-reviews/steaknives-the-we-cant-stand-this-world

listen: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnxlnSSFL34

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